The fabrication base is organised in:

  • Manufacture of pressure parts,
  • Manufacture of non-pressure parts,
  • Manufacture of process equipment.

As the pressure parts are concerned, we manufacture:

  • Steam superheaters and reheaters,
  • Headers,
  • Economisers,
  • Evaporators of steam boilers,
  • Boiler drums and pressure vessels.

There are process lines arranged for the production of:

  • Coil-type heating surfaces
  • Membrane walls
  • Headers

The manufacture of pressure parts includes the production of interconnecting pipelines between the headers of evaporators, superheaters and reheaters.

Fabrication of coil-type systems

The dedicated process line includes: material separation, welding operations using argon as a shielding gas, concurrent X-ray inspection of welds, bending using CNC bending machine.

Fabrication of membrane walls

Process line: submerged arc welding of panels under granulated flux, straightening, bending and cutting out of openings.
Fabrication of headers
Process line: straightening, drilling on a CNC drilling machine and a horizontal boring mill, welding of nozzles using automatic welding machine, inspections, tests.

Workshop assembly

Performed in two dedicated assembly sections of the workshop where the following operations are performed:

  • welding-in of burner openings
  • welding of headers
  • buckstays
  • division into transport units

Workshop assembly of the evaporator wall

Production of Pipelines

Material Storage and Preparation

Tubes and pipes storage (up to the outer diameter of 110 mm in the automated shelf storage system, larger diameter pipes are stored in racks) is complemented with sandblasting, quality inspection, stamping of marks and heat numbers.

Fabrication of Non-pressure Boiler Parts

Steel structures are produced – columns, beams, platforms, flue gas ducts, air ducts, grating, burners, components of oil and gas fuel handling system, slag extraction systems, air preheaters and so forth.

This range of products includes equipment for steel mills; caissons, cooling panels, bottoms, and tops of electric furnaces.

The process line includes steel plates and profiles cutting area, mechanical machining, tool production plant and forging plant.

Fabrication of Process Equipment

Fabrication of equipment for nuclear engineering, gas industry, steel making industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, heat exchangers, condensers, pressure vessels, petrochemical industry, natural gas production and processing and hydro power engineering. Workshops are equipped with bridge cranes with load bearing capacity up to 200 tons.

Production base includes the following process equipment: Cutting machines, forming machines, horizontal boring mills, karussels with diameter up to 14 m, workplaces for locksmiths, welders, assembly work and annealing furnaces. Handling is provided by cranes with load bearing capacity up to 200 tons. Workshop assembly is enabled up to the height of 20 m. Inspection procedures include besides the common tests also the tightness tests using helium gas and X-ray testing of welding joints.